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Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Conservation Permits List

Sportsman For Fish & Wildlife Conservation Tags

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation Conservation Tags

Mule Deer Foundation Conservation Tags

Hunting Expo Conservation Tags

Safari Club International Conservation Tags

National Wild Turkey Federation Conservation Tags

Utah Conservation Tags:

Utah big game tags are highly coveted tags. It can take years to draw many of Utah's tags in the online drawing. Conservation Vouchers are a good way to acquire a tag without waiting years to draw the tag.

Conservation groups are given vouchers by the Utah Division Of Wildlife Resources to auction off at group events.

Groups like the Sportsman For Fish And Wildlife, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Mule Deer Foundation and National Wild Turkey Foundation all receive Utah Conservation Vouchers for their events and auctions.

The vouchers are donated for a variety of Utah big game species and hunts.

The conservation vouchers ARE considered a charitable donation for tax purchases. The purchaser of the voucher then will redeem the voucher with the State Of Utah paying the appropriate license and tag fee.

A conservation voucher example would be the Southwest Desert Bull Elk voucher. This tag would take a Utah nonresident an estimated 24 years to draw in the public online drawing. In 2020 the voucher has been auctioning in the $20,000 - $25,000 range. The tag fee and license fee for the early rifle hunt is $72 license fee and $1,000 tag fee.

Conservation Tags do not have a waiting period. A purchaser can also buy conservation tags for more than one species per year.

Utah Landowner Tags:

Utah limited entry landowner vouchers are sold by landowners. The landowner vouchers are NOT tax deductible. The landowner vouchers often times will give the purchaser permission to hunt on pieces of private property within a limited entry unit boundary. The voucher will also allow the buyer to hunt the public land within the unit just as any other hunter with a public tag.

There is NOT a waiting period for a landowner voucher. The buyer can purchase a landowner voucher to hunt more than one species per year.