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For information and questions about hunting Utah Elk with Shane Scott Outfitting you can call or email Outfitter Shane Scott at 435-201-4088 or

If you have questions about which Utah units are producing trophy animals and want to know your best option to not only draw but use your points wisely feel free to contact me at any time.

I want my clients to draw the best hunt they can with thier points. Fifty percent of Utahs limited entry tags go to the hunters with the most points. The other 50 percent of the tags go randomly.

Each hunt is different and requires a different amount of points to draw. We can help take a lot of the guess work out of where to put in for a great Utah trophy hunt.

If you have accumulated points you may be able to get into the bonus tag catagory and almost guarantee your tag.

I offer FREE DRAWING CONSULTATION for all Utah draw hunts.

For an accurate Shane Scott Outfitting drawing consultation please go through the process below:

Please verify your up to date Utah Bonus and preference points from the Utah DNR Points link on our home page.

Then copy paste the information below into an email.

Fill out the questioneer and email it to:

Joel with his bull

Outfitter Shane Scott at:

Please fill in this information:/

Year of Utah Drawing Consideration:_____




Home Phone:

Cell Phone:

Work Phone:


Utah Resident OR Nonresident:

All Utah Big Game Species you are interested in drawing for:

Harvest Goal for each species listed (animal size, Ie: 6X6 or 350 bull, 30 inch buck or 180 inch etc):

Largest animal taken to date for each species:

Weapon Preferred:

Season Preferred:

Preferred duration of hunt:

Weapon preferred:

Distance you are comfortable shooting with your desired weapon:

Do you prefer a particular unit or area of the state to hunt:


Do you have any health concerns, mobility concerns, stamina concerns, life threatening allergies or health conditions or anything else of interest that would affect your hunting particular units with different terrain and physical demands? Please describe in detail:

Are you disabled, physically impaired, do you have a prosthetic limb, mobility etc?

Describe the assistance you would require and health care necessary to assist you successfully:

Please fill in below, Utah bonus points as of December 2021:

General Season Deer:

Limited Entry Deer:

Limited Entry Elk:

Limited Entry Antelope:

Once In A Lifetime Moose:

Once In A Lifetime Rocky Mountain Goat:

Once In A Lifetime Desert Bighorn Sheep:

Once In A Lifetime Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep:

Once In A Lifetime Bison:

Black Bear:


Antlerless Elk:

Please get the above information back to me and I will follow up with drawing information for you to consider.


Outfitter Shane Scott


Shane Scott Outfitting can also assist you with your big game drawing odds in Arizona, Colorado, Wyoming and Nevada.

Utah Elk Limited Entry Unit Map Utah Deer Unit Map

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