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We strive to give you your hunt of a lifetime. After years of anticipation you have finally drawn that coveted big game tag or purchased a govenors tag or Utah conservation auction tag. We treat your tag as if it were our own. SSO will give you 110% until you harvest the trophy you are after or your hunt is over.

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For the past 13 years, as a professional outfitter and guide, hunting trophy big game animals in the state of Utah has been my passion. I take hunting extremely serious, and you as my client will reap the rewards of my hard work and dedication. I have done the hard work of locating and hiring the best professional guides Utah has to offer. They are all Utah natives that are passionate outdoorsmen and accomplished hunters that specialize on the units and animals they hunt.

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We understand that each client is different and comes with specific individual interests and needs. We take pride in being able to match our pricing to the client's needs and desired hunt operation results.

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I offer consultation to assist our clients in drawing a quality Utah Big Game Tag on a quality unit. I want to help you make the most of your points.

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Shane Scott Outfitting is located in Richfield, Utah. We have local guides all over the state providing quality service to our clients. We specialize in hunting Utah Deer, Elk, Antelope, Cougar, Black Bear, Rocky Mountain Goat, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Moose and Bison. We hunt Big Game in the majority of Utah. We hunt the following units: Fillmore Pahvant, Monroe, Beaver, Mount Dutton, West Desert Vernon, West Desert Deep Creek, Box Elder Newfoundland Mountain, Plateau Fishlake Thousand Lake, Plateau Boulder Kaiparowits, Plateau, Southwest Desert, San Juan, Panguitch Lake, Wasatch, Henry Mountains, Fillmore Oak Creek, Fillmore Oak Creek South, Fillmore Black Rock, Paunsaugunt, San Rafael North, San Rafael South, San Rafeal Dirty Devil, Pine Valley Virgin River, Zion, Central Mountains Manti, Central Mountains Nebo, San Juan/Elk Ridge, Book Cliffs Bittercreek South, La Sal South Cisco, Book Cliffs Rattlesnake, La Sal/Dolores Triangle, Oquirrh Stansbury, Book Cliffs, Book cliffs South Rattlesnake, Ogden Willard Peak, Wasatch Mountains Lone Peak, Wasatch Mountains Box Elder Peak, Wasatch Mountains Timpanogas, Wasatch Mountains Provo Peak, Pine Valley, West Desert Riverbed, West Desert Rush Valley, West Desert Snake Valley, San Juan South, Pine Valley and Oquirrh/Stansbury. Utah is producing some of the largest trophy bull elk and trophy mule deer in the western U.S. Utah has healthy Antelope, Cougar, Black Bear, Moose, Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, Desert Bighorn Sheep, Bison and Rocky Mountain Goat populations. Our contracted guides are located in close proximity to the areas they hunt.

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It is against the law for a resident or non-resident hunter to compensate a huntintg guide that does not have a Professional License from the State Of Utah. Professional Outfitters and Hunting Guides must maintain active permits for the Forest Service, BLM and State Lands. Outfitters must maintain a current insurance policy.

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Utah Mid Season LE Bull Elk Testimonial:

Utah Mid Season LE Bull Elk

Shane, I loved hunting with your team, please feel free to use my pics and info for referrals. It took 13 years to finally draw my Utah LE Bull ELK tag. Being a NON-RES meant that I had to make a choice. I could drive 5 hours each way for multiple weekends to try and scout a somewhat familiar unit, or hire an outfitter.

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Once the decision was made to hire somebody, I had to pick what group I trusted more than a decade of my time and money to. The choice to use SSO was the best decision I have ever made. (don't tell my wife I said that.)
Shane was super easy to get a hold of and answer all my many questions. He would call me and text me pics of what bulls were being seen in the area. I shoot a lot, and was specific in wanting a long range type shot. (1,186 yards)
My guide was Matt Rhineheart. He is a total Stud. I knew I could shoot, I needed someone to find animals. Matt can find and see animals from another state! He was patient with me and yet pushed me when needed. I couldn't have done it without him. Hunting without SSO would of left me HIKING and I wanted to be HUNTING!!!
Also, I chose to have 2 scouts with us, Shaun Robbins and Cody Barton. Careful you don't get stuck with a nickname with these two. (LOL) These guys quartered and carried that bull off of the top of that mountain like a couple mules. THANK YOU SSO!!!

Steve Albright, Nevada

Wasatch Elk Testimonial:

Wasatch Elk

Hey Shane, I did want to write a short testimonial regarding our Trophy Elk Hunt. We had been putting in for 16 years and I am thankful that it finally all came together. I put in with my brother Mark and our friend Jon Peery. Mark and I flew out because of time restraints and Jon and his 2 sons drove and pulled a trailer for our gear and weapons, and we were hoping also to need room for the meat and antlers.

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Corey was my guide. Corey was extremely familiar with the area. The first morning I wore way too many clothes, carried too much gear and stretched myself too far, not being used to the steep terrain. My knees are pretty bad and now that the hunt is over, I'll be having knee replacement surgery soon. Corey made adjustments to make my life easier and he was very patient with my slower pace. I did everything he wanted me to do and went everywhere he wanted me to go, just at a slower pace and with the help of walking sticks.

In 6-1/2 days of hunting, I saw around 40 cow elk and 6 bulls. At least 3 bulls were shooters. I think I ended up with the best one that I saw, by killing it in the snow on the 7'th morning, a 7 x 7. We got lots of help from the other guys at camp and the other guides, since the other 2 guys had already harvested their bulls.

All in all, it was a great experience. The guides, accommodations and food were all great. None of the guides would touch a bit of food until all 5 of us guests were served. Of course, the guides used their own trailers for housing us, and "wheelers" to get us around, everything was 1'st class. I would be glad to recommend them and your guide service to anyone else!

Thank you for your work behind the scenes to put this team together for us.

Rick Miller

Wasatch Elk Testimonial:

Wasatch Elk

Shane, I would like to thank you and your team of guides for making my elk hunt such a success for me and my sons. I knew I was going to inconvenience you with the request to bring my two adult sons along but Team SSO Guide Robbie Anderson made everyone feel very comfortable.

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We could not have been happier with Robbie Anderson as our guide. He was a complete professional. It helped a lot that he had a good sense of humor too. I would be glad to be used as a referral in the future. Seldom does a trip deliver everything we hoped it would. This trip was exceptional. Thanks for making everything come together for us. Best wishes,

Jon Peery, South Carolina

Utah Wasatch LE Elk Hunt Testimonial:

Utah Wasatch LE Elk Hunt

After contacting and speaking with a number of outfitters guiding in the Wasatch Unit, I decided to book an elk hunt with Shane Scott Outfitting. This hunt was actually for my 83 year old father. I reviewed with Shane the limitations we anticipated given my father's age. It was important to me that this be a good hunt for my dad since I knew this would likely be the last time he would hunt elk. Shane reassured me that his guides would do their homework and would do everything possible to make this a great experience for us.

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He put me in contact with Dallan Harris who would guide us. I spoke with Dallan a number of times prior to the hunt and was more than pleased with the amount of time Dallan was spending scouting and checking trail-cams. Finally the time arrived and the 3 of us scouted the day before the hunt and made our preparations for the opening morning.

Daylight broke with several elk bugling near us, but we were unable to connect that day. We got together again several days later and tried another area in which Dallan had located other bulls. This day we also had a second guide, Bryce Grossgebauer, with us who had filled his tag a couple days earlier.

We spread out along a ridge and glassed at first light. Bryce spotted a good bull almost immediately and recognized it from prior trial-cam photos. We quickly moved into position and began the stalk. Dallan spotted the bull, and one good shot at 100 yards put the 326" bull down. Bryce joined us for photos, caping, and helped pack out the elk. It was a great experience for my father, and one I will long cherish.

I highly recommend Shane Scott as an Outfitter. He was honest in telling us what to expect, delivered exactly what he promised to do prior to and during the hunt, provided excellent guides, and helped us be successful. I would gladly hunt with him again.

Kirk Winward, Utah

Utah LE Deer Book Cliffs Muzzleloader Hunt Testimonial:

Utah LE Deer Book Cliffs Muzzleloader Hunt

As is the case for most hunters, drawing a limited entry big game tag for a premier unit can be a long process. In my case it took fourteen years to draw a Book Cliffs muzzleloader deer tag. That is a considerable investment of time and money when you are required to buy a nonresident hunting license to accrue bonus points. Drawing this tag was likely a one and done opportunity at age sixty-five.

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I've been hunting big game since I was a teenager and had never previously used a guide for a deer hunt. I knew that trying to hunt an unfamiliar unit for the first time with such a coveted tag would be squandering a great opportunity. I chose Shane Scott Outfitting because Shane responded quickly and based on my client profile and hunt preferences suggested a hunt that tailored to my needs.

Shane recommended guide Keith Johnson that lives in Green River near the Book Cliffs, who has a lifetime of hunting experience in the unit. The Book Cliffs unit is vast, but Keith had done his homework and was zeroed in on the areas that the deer were using.

On the opening morning we glassed 70+ deer and passed up several bucks that I would have probably taken if hunting by myself. Because of Keith's knowledge of the unit he knew that we had a chance to find one of the exceptional bucks that he had located in preseason scouting. And boy did we locate a good one! Finding a big buck is a tough enough challenge, but now Keith had to get me within muzzleloader range.

Keith expertly guided me through a 45 minute stalk to get me into shooting position, even though the buck was bedded in a semi-open burn area. I'd like to say I made a one shot kill, but I didn't. Buck fever? Guilty! Keith did a remarkable job of tracking the wounded buck in an area with fresh deer tracks everywhere and scant blood sign to put me in position to make a final shot.

When I received this tag and booked this hunt I had no expectations of taking a buck that for me will likely be a deer of a lifetime. Even in a great unit with many deer, exceptional bucks are a small fraction of the total deer herd. You can maximize your chances by hiring a professional guide and following his instructions. I was just looking for a good hunting experience and all aspects of this hunt fulfilled that wish completely, regardless of the buck I was so fortunate to take.

Keith Johnson is all anyone could ever expect a guide to be and a genuinely nice person to spend time with. If you can't find plenty to admire in Keith Johnson, you need a new outlook. Keith and Shane's assistance didn't end with the hunt; they lined me up with meat processing and a taxidermist. I appreciated that they asked me to call them when I returned home safely. I was completely satisfied with my hunting experience using Shane Scott Outfitting. I'll be back if I can ever draw an elk tag.

Allen Ramsey, California

Utah LE Bull Elk Hunt Testimonial:

Utah LE Bull Elk Hunt

After 15 years of applying for my non-resident Utah hunt, I finally drew my premium limited entry elk tag and was fortunate to be able to hunt with Shane Scott Outfitting and one of Shane's guides, Eli Jensen. After I drew this tag, I was probably like most hunters struggling with the thought of spending money on a guided hunt verses a do-it-yourself hunt. It can be very stressful preparing for a lifetime hunt...my wife can probably attest to this! Being from out of state and not knowing the area, I decided this was just too important of a hunt to try and do it without a guide and someone who knows the area. I was referred to Eli from a friend who had previously hunted the same unit with him, and my friend had nothing but good things to say about his past experience.

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Before I signed up with SSO, I talked to Eli and asked him many questions. I could tell from the beginning that this outfitter is all about a great group of guys that love to hunt, and they will do everything possible to help make your hunt a success.

I have elk hunted many times before and have had some success, but I have never closed the deal on a bigger bull in all my life. Shane and Eli made me feel like I would be in good hands and helped me adequately prepare for what a trip like this entails. Eli spent A LOT of time in the unit scouting prior to the start of the season, and he shared with me what he had been observing. I could tell he thoroughly enjoys spending time in the mountains. If I had any questions that came to mind, I would just call and ask, and we spent a lot of time talking about the upcoming hunt. I was also able to bring my good friend Chris along on the trip to enjoy the hunt with me and see what Utah elk hunting is all about.

Here are some of the highlights from my trip.

With the hot weather this year and the elk not in full rut when we arrived, we knew we had our work cut out for us. Although the bulls were not very active in the beginning, the first few days of my hunt were still filled with many fun and memorable moments. We saw a lot of bulls that we passed on, waiting for what I was looking for. I was able to hear some bulls bugle, enjoy the Utah mountains and do a lot of hiking during the hunt, which is exactly what I had been looking forward to. I was so glad Eli was willing to get out and hike the mountains!

On day 5, Eli and I decided to hike up to the top of a mountain where we were seeing and hearing elk bugle. When we got up to the 10,500 foot elevation, we continued to see all kinds of elk sign, and it smelled strong of elk. Then we heard another bull bugle, and it was close! We checked the wind, and it was still in our favor. The bull bugled again and it felt like it was right there, but we couldn't see him in the heavy timber. Just then a couple of cows walked into a small opening directly ahead of us, as they were walking broadside to our right. We knew the bull was right behind them. The cows stopped and looked toward us, and we wondered if they would spot us as we stood quietly still. Luckily, they kept walking and the bull bugled again right behind them. Everything quickly came together for that one perfect moment! Eli whispered to me to get ready and I threw my rifle up toward the small opening in the trees. The next thing I knew I saw the bull come into my shooting lane and quickly decided this is the one! With only a split second to make the shot (later we measured only 38 yards!), I put my scope on mark and squeezed the trigger. The bull spun around away from us, and his cows circled, running toward us, almost running us over! After the cows ran off, it was all quiet. We started to walk toward where I shot at the bull and Eli said to me "He's down!" We walked a few more steps until we both could see the lifeless animal lying there and, with that, my dream of getting a mature bull had finally been realized. My 300 win-mag did its job, and the bull had dropped dead in its tracks. I was so excited about what just happened! (Eli, what happens in the woods after shooting a great bull stays in the woods!)

After taking a few photos, Eli immediately took care of the meat. My friend Chris was able to contact Shane, and I was pleasantly surprised to see Shane round up a few of his guys who were available to help quickly pack out my elk. They all hiked up to the top of that mountain as if they were the lucky hunter. Wow, I can't say enough about this amazing experience! Special thanks to Eli, Chris, Shane, Cody, Shaun and Kevin for all helping out! I sure did appreciate it! This will always be a hunt that I will never forget.

Todd ~ Oregon

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